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Rowena Moyse

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Sam and Alec

A worried youngster along side good old Sam . First time in for the bay, by end of second day his head came down and he started to relax. Just walking for a week or two. They managed a tight turn in the yard on both reins, no problem. So pleased with them.

Star and Peter

At a show today in Carmarthen Peter taking Steph’s 2 girls for a ride around the show ground

Martha and Usher

So this just happened 😃
7 weeks later………..The Ginger Ninja strutted his stuff today in his first ever driving competition 🤩 And having driven a carriage myself for the first time only Friday, I’d like to think I didn’t let him down either 😊 I am so enormously proud of ourselves and I will forever be eternally grateful to the amazing Rowena Moyse and Peter Stuart Edwards at South Wales Carriage Driving Centre for doing such an amazing job with us both and for all the help and encouragement they have given me🥰 Calamity Jane eat your heart out 😃

In Bath

After a blowout on motorway, got to the wedding on time, and as always Peter and Steph did a great job, with Paddy and Phantom

Mike Evans’ debut in Windsor Park equestrian club.

Great fun weekend in Windsor taking Mike Evans and Aaron to their first outdoor competition with Cassino.

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