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Rowena Moyse

My 3 youngsters

Enjoying first time out this year without rugs on, let’s hope i manage to do something with them this year

Sid and Tom

Out in all weathers, just about go go out on a road drive today. These are our commercial horses, and like all our horses they benefit from some days in our all weather arena.


Lunging before having a sit on him, he’s getting used to it now and I am walking a few steps on him now. Won’t be long before I’m riding him next to his brother Alec


Just starting trotting in the school looking happy and relaxed.

Bwrw and Gail

Here we see Gail learning to drive Bwrw and getting him going forward onto the bit


A sightly scruffy Issy getting fit on the lunge


Here we see Doug and Debbie learning to do circles on long reins

Training weekend at Cricklands

Averina and I had a good training competition at Cricklands last weekend.

We both got the dressage scores we wanted, and both achieved double clear in the cones . Both of us have a new pony in for the obstacles so it is training in progress good start to the season.