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Rowena Moyse


Here we see Doug and Debbie learning to do circles on long reins

Training weekend at Cricklands

Averina and I had a good training competition at Cricklands last weekend.

We both got the dressage scores we wanted, and both achieved double clear in the cones . Both of us have a new pony in for the obstacles so it is training in progress good start to the season.

Off to Ireland

Looking forward to a trip to Ireland towards the end of August.  There is going to be a first international fei 2 star event in the emerald Isles.

We are anticipating  a great fun few days meeting our Irish friends and my closest friend Anne Marijke  who is Dutch  but lives and works as a vet in Ireland.

We will be taking the shop with us so if there’s any thing you need for driving in Ireland come and visit us there in Kilkenny.

Also bringing Averina’s  little black pony team and her pony pair, so we will be busy while we are there!

Alfie and Alec

Visiting Robert Bowman and rather liking these 4 year olds .They have just come in from the field and are ready to start working towards a driving career 

French visitors

This week we have had 2 French visitors ,Remi and Queni. Both staying for a week one to improve his English and the other to try out in traffic. The first picture shows them working together! The second shows Remi departing from Cardiff airport hopefully to return for the summer.

We are now an agent for Hartland carriages

Mini sport suit single or pair.shetlands up to 12th approx.

Check out our carriages for sale page, to see some of the carriages we have in stock or can get.

We offer a fitting service for carriages if you would like to come to buy harness or carriages and have them expertly fitted.

Some second hand carriages also here, I will try to get more on this website ASAP


Zu and Zilla with Averina Snow driving at the National event in chepstow

It has taken a while for me to update the news page due to the sad loss of one of our driving ponies Zilla, she has been with us for nearly 5 years. She has been a great character and we are missing her a lot. Along with her partner Zu, they won a lot of national competitions for their owner Averina Snow and it has been a great pleasure in being her mentor and trainer for this fun pair of ponies.

Hidden talent

Yesterday I got Sophie, who has been helping out here for over a year,to tack up Cefn for driving in single harness.

Cefn has been doing more this autumn driving in pairs with a friends pony Sooty, and now he is going to the second indoor competition of the season with Julia driving him.

Sophie rides but recently I have been teaching her to drive horses and ponies. So when we had put Cefn in the carriage I just said to Sophie get on you can have a go at driving him. Knowing that she might or might not get on with him, as he is a very forward going pony.

She was very cautious to start off and had difficulty keeping him in walk as he tends to jog, but with reassurance from me that she was doing the right thing,she got him to relax and after a while was able to ask for trot and achieved a relaxed trot with him as well. By the end of the session she had him walking on a long rein looking very happy, both driver and pony!

So when I asked her to drive him again today she was very happy to do so, and progressed to schooling arround the cones at a very steady trot.

This is such an improvement for Cefn as in the past everything with him has been fast forward. But doing more with him with Sooty and in single is at last paying off.