Rowena Moyse

 Horse Trainer and Carriage Driving Instructor

South Wales Carriage Driving Centre

Two Weddings

Peter in Swansea last weekend with Sid and Ollie while I was in Crickhowell with Paddy and Murphy, great to see both turnouts out and about so much this year we are really  enjoying them.


Open Day

Open day here at South Wales Carriage Driving Centre Sunday 23rd July 2017


RDA driving


Have a go driving a pony

Rides on a carriage





We are here at lisieux for our first foreign competition 

Schooling ponies

studio_20160929_101221Wednesday drove Andy and Bwrw in tandem for the first time. They went well it will be good for both of them as I can school Andy in single to get him bending better and Bwrw needs to think for himself in the lead of the team without being  over powered by Ben who is usually in the lead of the team with him.

Averina’s wins


Averina Snow at the Welsh pony and cob performance awards having won ten rosettes and three trophies with her ponies Templedruid Baazu and Brazilla.
We had an amazing year around the competitions, training hard to get these fantastic results.

Cricklands 16/10

I drove a pair of our little blacks at Cricklands yesterday,  pleasingly won with them. One of them is from the lead in the team  (Ben ) and the other ( Boni ) is usually in the wheel of the team. I’m hoping they might go in the lead together, particularly in the marathon phase of the outdoor events. It is good for them to work in pair and it was fun getting them cantering around the obstacles with the emphasis on getting Boni more forward going .

Averina (owner of all the little black ponies) drove a pair as well, Cefn and Adam,these are the least experienced of the 6 ponies   and came in second.

Angela Cutforth was 3rd in the novice single class first time going to Cricklands with her pony, Big Ben, that we have been helping her with, and Julia Snow was 7th having only driven a handful of times, driving Averina’s pony Zilla.