Horse Trainer and Carriage Driving Instructor

South Wales Carriage Driving Centre

Wedding Carriages

By popular demand South Wales Carriage Driving Centre is now providing horse drawn wedding services across South Wales.



We are available and equipped to take you on a memorable trip to make you feel like Royalty as you travel to your wedding.lamp

Imagine travelling to your wedding in an original Shelborne Landau dated approximately 1880. We have recently restored this fantastic carriage with loving detail. We can think of no better way for you to travel on your special day!

We also have a white glass coach, just to make your fairy-tale wedding come true drawn by a matching pair of horses with coachman and liveried groom.

Our black pair of horses are experienced Hungarian horses which are bred as Coach horses and have traditionally been used for this kind of work for centuries, and our White pair of horses are Irish sports horses.

If you would like to come and see the horses and carriages please ring to book an appointment.