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South Wales Carriage Driving Centre

Rowena Moyse

Horse Trainer and Carriage Driving Instructor

Martha and Usher

So this just happened 😃
7 weeks later………..The Ginger Ninja strutted his stuff today in his first ever driving competition 🤩 And having driven a carriage myself for the first time only Friday, I’d like to think I didn’t let him down either 😊 I am so enormously proud of ourselves and I will forever be eternally grateful to the amazing Rowena Moyse and Peter Stuart Edwards at South Wales Carriage Driving Centre for doing such an amazing job with us both and for all the help and encouragement they have given me🥰 Calamity Jane eat your heart out 😃

In Bath

After a blowout on motorway, got to the wedding on time, and as always Peter and Steph did a great job, with Paddy and Phantom

Mike Evans’ debut in Windsor Park equestrian club.

Great fun weekend in Windsor taking Mike Evans and Aaron to their first outdoor competition with Cassino.

Erinna Rogers with her pony in new Hartland carriage supplied and fitted by us along with her new Zilco harness also supplied and fitted by us.

We had a lovely few hours out driving up through the Elan Valley to get to Erinna’s farm ,with her new carriage.

Junior driving day

What a fabulous day the children (and parents) had at the South Wales Carriage Driving Centre today with Rowena Moyse running a really well organised Children’s driving experience which included driving lessons , horse agility rein handling and harnessing up as well as time for a fabulous activity book Rowena and clan had made for each child – Lucas and Mila were so proud of their certificates at the end – well worth the 3 hour round trip – we can’t wait for your next event !! 😁

New drivers and their ponies, that we have been training last month

Just starting out on their new adventure into the world of carriage driving

Where do I begin, I cannot express how grateful and happy I am with the service from Rowena & Peter, I felt like my pony did a stars in your eyes transformation, in goes an impatient and manner less piggy pony and out of the smoke comes an amazing great pony doing it all. giving me the convidence to take the reins once more, by the time we left we did the cones and had a go at the XC track, even had a go at the stressage with Peter’s great commentary skills we finished it, as I was a complete nervous wreck I can only explain Peter as having the David Attenborough vibes which for some1 like me is great, also I have to say how laid back and non judgemental these guys are. Being a larger lady with a 12hh pony I was nervous at peoples reactions, but never once was I made to feel uncomfortable in any which way. I cannot recommend these guys enough changed our lifes I can’t wait to come back and enjoy the club and show. Thank you guys from Sarah & Nookie xx