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South Wales Carriage Driving Centre

Rowena Moyse

Horse Trainer and Carriage Driving Instructor


These three greys, Paddy and Cass in the wheel, with Phantom in the lead, excelled themselves yesterday. With three days of practice and not knowing how they would take to it. I had a great support team of Byron and Ashleigh ,along with our own Steph and Kaylie, and of course Peter. It was an 8mile total trip but as they were new to this combination we just put the lead horse in front for the mile or 2 long hill. And Phantom being fresh gave the other two the help they needed to keep a steady trot going all the way. What superb horses all 3 of them, a special pat for Phantom taking the lead so well


When you have three white horses, you just have to try unicorn! Paddy and Cass in the wheel, with Phantom in the lead.

New pair of skewbald mares

Delighted to help Rhiannon to put her mares into the carriage as a pair for the first time. They behaved very well. A credit to the time she has spent training them herself. After a little bit of time longreining them as a pair and then adjusting the harness and fittings they drove very well together.

Houdini and Ranger

Just came across this picture of a pair I was training a couple of years ago, they really could do the extended trot

Sam and Toby

Finally getting to drive one of my youngsters with Sam, very pleased with how he’s going, picking up in confidence every day.

Diamond with harness on for first time

Lovely pony just starting here to learn about harness and driving.

Diamond is 5 and has been ridden,

so having lunged her in a roller yesterday and no problems there , harness on today and just walking on long reins.