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Horse Drawn Funerals

Special memories to last forever

Our beautiful horse drawn hearse will help enhance the sad occasion with their presence


Thinking of your loved ones wishes at this time is important.

Their love of horses, tradition. 

Giving your best,  for their last journey. Creating a memory to cherish for ever.




We have two traditionally styled hearses one black and one white. These   hearses, can be drawn by our black or white horses, in pairs, additionally your chosen combination can be decorated with colored plumes. 

Our white hearseThe White horses and hearse


Jill loved my horses

We trained all our horses at Jill`s house.

 Passing by every day we would stop and chat

That`s how our horses learnt to stand still.

Jill met all our horses, knew their names

She had seen them on TV and told her daughter that`s what I want for my funeral.

Two weeks later

Jill died

Of course I took her on her final journey with our horses.

I talked to her all the way.


Traditional Horse Drawn Hearse your final good bye to a loved one should be as special as the person themselves. Our horses are the best, trained by one of Britain’s top drivers, with one of the longest established Carriage Driving Centers